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Join a solar community and reduce your bill by up to 25%

With Zenit subscription model, you'll access renewable energy generated locally.

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Share your surplus and increase your profit by more than 10%

Do you have a rooftop that produces more than you need or want to make use of a used one?

How does it work?

Model: Traditional

Model: Zenit

Did you know that half of the electricity bill consists of charges and fees imposed by intermediaries in the electricity market?

With Zenit's subscription model, we establish a direct connection between producers and consumers, ensuring immediate benefits.

Why Choose Zenit?

Self-consume with just one click

100% digital
and accessible

Be part of the change

Citizens as the driving force behind the energy transition

Local Renewable Energy

Sustainable, decentralized, and community-based model

Big Data & IA

Use of advanced technologies for efficient data management

Join the solar revolution

What do we want to achieve?

Objectives PNIEC 2030

With Zenit, the potential CO2 emissions savings could reach 4.2 million tons.

case study

Museum of Design


Power 150 kW

Potential savings for the community: 40.000 €

Savings per individual: 15 – 25%

Equivalent prosumers: 300

Solar Community Finder

The process is simple: enter your address in the finder, and it will show you the facilities within 2 kilometers of your location. Choose one, and you can connect to it to start self-consuming.


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