At Zenit we work hand in hand with installers, public institutions, and existing energy communities. We offer the following services to support and accelerate the establishment of digital solar communities, as well as their management.


Zenit Map

Our intuitive navigation map serves two purposes. First, it allows producers to showcase their installations and share their energy with others. Second, it enables neighbors to effortlessly discover nearby installations and establish connections with just a single click.


Self-consumption Distribution Optimizer

We have developed a tool for optimizing energy distribution through intelligent management of consumption and production data. This allows us to provide guidance in establishing highly efficient communities that generate greater benefits and savings.

With this tool, we can allocate power to each participant in shared self-consumption, ensuring they achieve maximum possible savings based on their consumption patterns.


Digital Tools for Community Management

Our platform offers:


Support Services in the Creation of Solar Communities

We provide projects tailored to support the creation of solar self-consumption communities. Our team guides and executes social dynamization efforts and develops impactful awareness campaigns. We also offer support in the technical processing of self-consumption and in seeking financial aid.